Pietersite Free Form
Pietersite Free Form
Pietersite Free Form
Pietersite Free Form

Pietersite Free Form

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These freeform polished Pietersite pieces from Namibia, Africa are mesmerizing works of natural art. This unique gemstone showcases a stunning combination of rich colors, including deep blues, golden browns, and fiery reds, swirling together in a captivating pattern. Its polished surface reveals the intricate details and unique formations within the stone, creating a visual spectacle that draws the eye. The freeform shape adds to its organic beauty, as it reflects the natural processes that shaped this magnificent piece over time. Holding this Pietersite piece evokes a sense of wonder and connection to the raw power and beauty of nature.

  • Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Plexus
  • Elements:Wind
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius, Leo
  • Birth Month: NA
  • Hardness: 6.5-7
  • Crystal FamilyQuartz
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2
  • Colors & Varieties:  Golden, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Rusty-red
  • Locality: Namibia, Africa

Pietersite Factoid: In the year 1964, this remarkable mineral came to light, its discovery attributed to the keen eye of Sid Pieters. With deep reverence for his departed father, Louis Pieters, Sid bestowed upon this newfound treasure a name that would forever honor his memory.

Metaphysical Properties:

Pietersite, a mesmerizing gemstone known for its vibrant colors and captivating patterns, possesses a wide array of metaphysical and spiritual properties that resonate strongly with the chakra system. As a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening, Pietersite facilitates the harmonization and activation of the chakras, bringing balance and alignment to the energetic body.

Pietersite's connection to the solar plexus chakra empowers individuals to embrace their personal power, confidence, and inner strength. It stimulates the willpower and encourages self-expression, allowing one to assert their boundaries and stand in their authentic truth. Pietersite's energy aids in overcoming self-doubt and fear, fostering a sense of empowerment and courage to pursue one's goals and dreams.

Furthermore, Pietersite's affinity with the third eye chakra enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and inner vision. It opens the gateway to higher realms of consciousness, enabling individuals to access profound insights, spiritual guidance, and expanded awareness. Pietersite assists in developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other psychic gifts, enabling individuals to perceive subtle energies and hidden truths.

Weight: on average 45 grams.


You will receive ONE (1) Pietersite Free Form intuitively chosen from our collection unless more than one is intentionally ordered.  Each one is thoroughly inspected for any damages prior to packaging. PLEASE NOTE that each one is cut from natural material and no two pieces are alike. They are unique and one of a kind each.

Every crystal, fossil, gemstone, jewelry, mineral, and metaphysical tool in our shop has been cleansed with our array of handcrafted Singing Bowls & Tingsha Bells from Nepal. This includes your items that have been purchased & packaged for shipping. Each package is purified on its way out with organic white sage, sustainably harvested and fairly produced in California to insure your products have the safest of travels!

Product Disclaimer

Please note that the wide selection of crystals, fossils, gemstones, and minerals we offer are natural products and are rarely perfect. We do our very best to capture each side of each piece in our photography. a majority of our products are creations of Mother Earth that have weathered the elements and more for untold number of years, and we cannot guarantee perfection, clarity, depth of color or perfect points. These are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight, or indoors using selected lighting to try and capture the products natural appearance. 

 Metaphysical and Spiritual Disclaimer

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