Welcome to the information and rules of our Glowing Candle Instagram Live Sales.


On any given Sunday night at 7pm EST we host a Live Sale on our Instagram. To be notified of which Sunday follow us on our Instagram for regular updates. If you don't follow us yet on Instagram, you can click the link below.

How it Works

Starting at 7pm EST we will start the Live Sale with a table scan of all the items available for the evening. Items will then be shown throughout the night, They will either be one-of-one items or random lots. To claim an item comment the item code and the price to alert the Live Sale host. When the host calls your name, it will be written down as a claimed item. To insure that your claim goes through and the Instagram algorithm doesn’t see your claim as spam we suggest typing in a random emoji along with the claim text. 

If you have claimed any items during the Live Sale, you must notify us after the Live Sale whether you would like to have your items shipped, or have your items prepared for in store pickup. If shipping is required for your claims please send us your name & shipping address to our Instagram private messages immediately after the Live Sale ends. Within the next 24 hours of the Live Sale ending you will receive a private message from us via Instagram. It will contain your itemized invoice and request for payment.


Live Sale rules and policy

•To claim an item, comment the item code and price! Your claim will always appear first on your screen. However, for claims we will go off our recorder’s devices “Sellers Screen” that is keeping track of each claim.

•Claims are announced by the host. Oftentimes you may see your comment claim show up first on your screen. Due to device lag time we read and record the claims in the order that they come in on our own devices. “Sellers Screen”

•Make sure you are CERTAIN with your claims. Each claim Is a commitment to purchase. No put-backs or switching! No exceptions!

•Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your itemized invoice.

•International orders are responsible for any duties or taxes your country may impose

•If you are past due on a payment, you cannot bid on the next Live Sale. You will be blacklisted from our future Live Sales.


Paying for your live sale claims

You have 24 hours after receiving your Live Sale itemized invoice to pay for your order. You will receive your Live Sale invoice via Instagram private messaging. We offer payments through PayPal, and over the phone credit or debit card payments. 

 Immediately after the Live Sale ends please message us via Instagram private messages if you would like to have your items shipped or prepped for in store pick up. If you would like your items shipped please send us your name and shipping address so we may calculate shipping costs for your invoice. All items for store pick up must be paid for within 24 hrs of receiving your invoice. Store pick up items once paid will be available for pick up the following Friday after the Live Sale. 

If your Live Sale order is wrong, wait to pay your invoice. We ask that you please reach out to our Instagram team for corrections and adjustments. 



Such a cute and nice store. People are very friendly and helpful. A beautiful selection of crystals amd fairies. I ended up buying my first fairy here :)

Hailey Cooke

Great place for your gem and crystal buys we go at least once every two weeks. Dean is always a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient! (especially with my three kiddos)

Brook l

I love this place. The staff are amazing always friendly and helpful. The aroma lamps are fantastic, I highly recommend them. The atmosphere is a little warm but always inviting, after a few minutes though you will feel right at home among the stones, people, and other assortments there. I'm more then pleased with every visit.


Just got back to Ohio with my cuz from NY and we shopped here 3 days in a row! Absolutely LOVE Glowing Candle! Everything is awesome and Tara and Dean are so kind and helpful. Go here you'll be so happy you did. See ya again.

Annette Leppert-Johnson

The customer service here is superior. They are knowledgeable, willing to assist without being pushy, and very kind. I went the Sunday before Christmas and there was plenty of staff to help a large number of customers. I also love the selection, from cute to pretty to spiritual.


The owners are two of the nicest people you will ever meet! And the staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive. Truly one of my favorite stores to visit when I'm in the area. And their merchandise is one of a kind! Always a pleasant shopping experience and a pleasure to hang out with the owners!

Paul Gomez