Orpiment with Realgar
Orpiment with Realgar
Orpiment with Realgar
Orpiment with Realgar
Orpiment with Realgar

Orpiment with Realgar

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Discover the enchanting dance of fire and sunshine in this captivating Orpiment and Realgar specimen. Orpiment's golden glow and Realgar's fiery red hues unite in a mesmerizing mineral harmony. This unique specimen embodies ancient alchemical symbolism, representing transformation and illumination. Display it as a striking piece of natural art, infusing your space with both beauty and mystique.

(Acrylic stand sold separately)

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus
  • Elements:Fire
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Birth Month: NA
  • Hardness: 1.5-2
  • Crystal Family: arsenic sulfide
  • Chemical Formula: As2S3
  • Colors & Varieties:  Golden, Yellow, Pale Yellow
  • Locality: Mt. Elbrus, Russia

 Orpiment with Realgar Factoid: Throughout history, Orpiment has adorned numerous artistic masterpieces, gracing paintings and decorative objects with its vibrant presence. On the other hand, Realgar, its counterpart, has maintained a more elusive presence in the realm of European art. As arsenic-laden gems, these minerals once held court in creative palettes, only to be dethroned by the toxic truth of their nature in the 19th century. In their stead, less perilous pigments emerged, casting a safer hue on the world of artistry.

Metaphysical Properties:

Orpiment and Realgar are minerals that belong to the arsenic sulfide group. Their distinct colors set them apart in the world of crystals and gemstones. Orpiment is renowned for its sunny, bright yellow hue, reminiscent of the sun's radiant energy. Realgar, on the other hand, boasts a fiery red to orange-red color, reminiscent of the flames of transformation.

Both Orpiment and Realgar are associated with creative energy. Orpiment's luminous energy inspires artistic expression, while realgar's transformative properties can break through creative blocks, fostering innovative thinking and artistic growth.

Orpiment's vibrant yellow color symbolizes illumination and clarity. It is often used in meditation and spiritual practices to enhance mental clarity, stimulate intellectual pursuits, and promote inner peace

Realgar's fiery red appearance makes it a powerful stone for transformation and alchemical processes. It is believed to ignite the inner fire of spiritual evolution, assisting in the shedding of old patterns and facilitating profound change. Realgar encourages one to confront fears and embrace personal growth.

Demensions (in): 2.5

Weight: 70 Grams

Caution: Handling Orpiment

Orpiment, though visually captivating, demands careful handling. This mineral contains arsenic, making it highly toxic. Avoid direct contact with skin, inhalation of dust, and ingestion. When working with Orpiment be sure to wash your hands! Prioritize safety to cherish its beauty.

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