Ametrine Double Terminated
Ametrine Double Terminated

Ametrine Double Terminated

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A Double Terminated Ametrine crystal is a mesmerizing blend of amethyst's regal purple and citrine's golden warmth, harmoniously married in a singular gem. Its symmetrical form radiates an ethereal glow, with two pointed terminations extending gracefully from each end. Light dances through its clear and vibrant core, casting a kaleidoscope of colors as if holding the very essence of balance within.

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus, Crown
  • Elements: Wind, Fire
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Birth Month: NA
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal Family: Quartz
  • Chemical Formula SiO2
  • Colors & Varieties: Purple, Violet, Gold, Amber, Orange, Lavender
  • Locality: Brazil

Ametrine FactoidAmetrine's captivating spectrum arises from the intriguing interplay of iron oxidation states within its crystalline structure. Its Citrine segments are caused by oxidized iron, while the amethyst segments remain untarnished by oxidation. This enchanting duality is due to the temperature variations that graced the crystal during its formation.

Double Terminated Crystals: A double-terminated crystal is a unique gem that channels energy through both ends, creating a powerful flow. Its purpose spans various spiritual and healing practices. These crystals are used for energy balancing, as they draw in and release energy simultaneously. They enhance meditation, aiding in spiritual exploration and connection. Placed on chakras, they promote alignment and clearing. They're also ideal for energy work, offering precise direction for healing. In essence, double-terminated crystals act as conduits of energy, facilitating the flow of positive vibrations, making them cherished tools in the pursuit of harmony, balance, and holistic well-being.

Ametrine Metaphysical Properties:

In the realm of gemstones and crystals, Ametrine stands as a true marvel, captivating the hearts and minds of those drawn to its exquisite beauty and profound metaphysical properties. This unique gem, which harmoniously combines the energies of amethyst and citrine, is believed to offer a bridge between two spiritual realms, infusing its possessor with a potent blend of spiritual insight, balance, and vibrant energy.

Ametrine is renowned for its remarkable ability to balance the energies of the spiritual and physical realms. It serves as a bridge, connecting the wisdom of the higher self (amethyst) with the vitality of earthly existence (citrine). This balance offers a profound sense of equilibrium and clarity.

Citrine, a significant component of Ametrine, is celebrated for its association with wealth and abundance. Ametrine's dual nature magnifies these qualities, making it a favored crystal for those seeking financial success and prosperity.

Ametrine's harmonizing properties extend to the realm of manifestation. It helps individuals clarify their intentions and align with their true purpose, empowering them to manifest their goals and desires.

Demensions (in): 2.75 x 1 x .75

Weight: 51 Grams



Product Care & Warnings:

Sun Washing:
This products color, clarity, & sheen may be affect by direct sunlight. Please keep this in mind as you find a suitable spot to display or wear your product.

Water Soluble:
**JEWELRY** Some crystals, gemstones, and fossils placed in sterling silver settings if exposed to wet or humid environments over a prolonged time may cause the jewelers adhesive used for stability in the jewelry to weaken causing the set stone(s) to fall out.  
Jewelry Cleaning:
Our Jewelry is crafted using Sterling Silver and should only be cleaned & polished using silver and gold cleaning wipes for best results. Avoid polishing the crystal, gemstone, mineral or fossil in the jewelry with the cleaning wipe.

** Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are never recommended unless the necessary research for the particular stone is done prior**


Every crystal, fossil, gemstone, jewelry, mineral, and metaphysical tool in our shop has been cleansed with our array of handcrafted Singing Bowls & Tingsha Bells from Nepal. This includes your items that have been purchased & packaged for shipping. Each package is purified on its way out with organic white sage, sustainably harvested and fairly produced in California to insure your products have the safest of travels!

Product Disclaimer

Please note that the wide selection of crystals, fossils, gemstones, and minerals we offer are natural products and are rarely perfect. We do our very best to capture each side of each piece in our photography. a majority of our products are creations of Mother Earth that have weathered the elements and more for untold number of years, and we cannot guarantee perfection, clarity, depth of color or perfect points. These are natural objects. All photographs are taken outside, in natural sunlight, or indoors using selected lighting to try and capture the products natural appearance. 

 Metaphysical and Spiritual Disclaimer

None of the information in the Glowing Candle listings is meant to replace professional medical advice and diagnoses. The Glowing Candle and its staff are NOT doctors or medical professionals. Please consult your doctor or medical professional for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, fossils, gemstones and minerals are NOT a replacement for healthcare treatment. The metaphysical information in our descriptions is for spiritual and ethereal practices. Please conduct your own research on the safety and dafe use of certain minerals.

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